Monday, August 20, 2012

Southern Comfort

A lot has happened since I have last blogged. More lessons to learn in life and experiences to grow from. It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes things just fall into place and what you need most comes along like an oasis to a dry soul in the most perfect timing.

A trip that started out to be about surprising my gf for her wedding shower, ended up being a trip that my heart needed more than I could ever express in words. I felt my eyes had a mind of their own and tears often freely flowed down my face. It wasn’t a sadness, it was more of a cleansing. It was like these tears were a physical manifestation of my soul being bathed in love from bonds that time, countries and life had not broken. Four girls who grew up together on the same street, a soul sister, and a family my heart feels at home with – I was surrounded by a love that transcended all the odds and warmly wrapped itself around my heart to soothe and comfort and bring hope.

Moments that came out of the blue; like in the shoe department in Nordstrom at the Galleria.  A ring that was given to to my friend to encourage her and give her hope in a time when she needed it most. Being a twin and “losing” your twin not only to marriage but a country 19 hours via plane away. Her heart was stripped, she felt lost and vulnerable and alone. This ring came along from another woman given to her to encourage her, to remind her of how precious she is – worth more than a million of these beautiful stones. To not lose faith or hope, that her time would come and it has! There in the shoe department right before paying for her beautiful wedding shoes (that I am honored to be a part of!), she turned around (the time just felt right) fished it out of her purse and told me the story. She handed me the ring, she wanted me to have it to see my beauty and remind me of my own worth to remind me to believe that my time was coming to remind me that even when you don’t see the finish line it will all be okay. There at the cash register tears streaming down my cheeks, her cheeks another one of our friends cheeks (and possibly the cashiers cheeks) a precious moment was had and shared. A moment I will treasure in my heart forever. I don't think I will ever give this ring away... but I was inspired to buy something else and to wait for whom I can pay it forward to.

Another moment in an Italian restaurant, 4 women who grew up on the same street were no longer children. As I looked around the table to these girls, no women - I realized how honored I was to share the table with them. Each and every one of them have walked their own life journey and it hasn’t been easy. There were no masks at this table. We are who we are. It was like the bond we all shared just allowed us to be there vulnerable in the pain of the hard stuff, celebratory and joyous in the good stuff. These women knew the very foundations of my life. They understood my heart without me even explaining. They understood that I was happy, yet struggling with a restlessness in my spirit and I didn’t know how to explain that – and they just took that in and loved on me (again tears flowed!). They are like the stitches in the quilt of my life. Some are beautiful pictures and others are haunting or ugly. Then there are the people who come along side you in your life and they celebrate the good, they mourn the bad and they carry you when you can’t walk. Whether you like it or not these pictures all come together to tell the story of your life and some people come along and help you stitch them all together – helping you heal and learn and recognize ALL aspects of that quilt. These people are the backing to your life. I am forever grateful.

This trip that took me home to Texas, back to my southern roots is one of my most precious life moments to date. I am so blessed, my heart is full and I am forever grateful to share this life journey with these women.



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